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Ann T. Hoover

Wealth Advisor

(410) 544.5682

For Ann Hoover, helping people live better lives is one of the main reasons she became a financial advisor. Ann knows how important it is that people understand their personal finances and develop a solid investment plan.

She takes a comprehensive approach to a client’s finances, considering the whole financial picture including retirement goals and insurance, tax and estate planning needs. Most importantly, she spends a great deal of time listening to clients as they share their values and vision for the future. Ann understands that each person and every situation is unique and builds that knowledge into her advice. She also is a “financial educator” who, in an economy that is constantly changing and with numerous investment choices, provides a thorough understanding of all options before any decision is implemented.

Ann began her financial-planning career in 1994. She has her BA from Towson University and a Masters of Acupuncture from TAI Sophia Institute. She finds the world of personal finance and the healing art of acupuncture to be complementary in that both are concerned with a holistic approach to life. The aspect of completeness provides a balance which is beneficial in optimizing the care of family, business, and self.

Ann and her husband, Steven, have a maniacal coonhound and enjoy mountain biking. When opportunity permits, she sings with the church’s Praise Team. Ann pursues her creative side with art and sewing projects.

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